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Earn To Die 4

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4If you love action racing games, be ready to enjoy a blast with Earn To Die 4. This is one of the most breathtaking yet thrilling games from the popular Earn To Die series. Packed with new features like upgradable parts and more zombies, this epic adventure presents players with tons of excitement and loads of fun. The game Earn To Die 4 picks off from the last moments of the predecessor. You encounter zombies and try to find help from a military base. You are airlifted, but before you land to a safer place, the plane is attacked by zombies causing it crash. At this moment, the only choice is to run to the nearest town which seems to be free from the threatening hordes. You can use three types of cars to

escape zombies or kill them and smash obstacles. There is a 4 door sedan, a muscle car and a station wagon. The sedan is not powerful enough to complete the game, but you can upgrade it to take you to level three. Some parts that you can upgrade include tires, engine, suspension, nitro, brakes, gearbox and muffler. If your current vehicle is worn out and cannot be upgraded further, you need to buy a new one. Get the station wagon after the sedan to help you complete the next three levels. The muscle car is the kind of vehicle you need to finish the game at a high note. The upgrades are available with cash earned after you move from one place to another. The main goal of Earn To Die 4 is to get to the finish line before you are timed out. Your paths will be full of zombies and obstacles, such as barrels and blocking signs. So you need to overcome them to finish the game faster. Use the directional keys to drive your car. Other control keys include spacebar "H", "P" and "R" for nitro booster, horn, pause and reset respectively.

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